Our greatest advantage is our team. A nimble, tight-knit group of designers and craftsmen, we’re small enough to provide you with a responsive, personal experience, and yet versatile enough to execute large scale projects. Our process is highly customized, collaborative and transparent from start to finish; we’re on a first name basis with every one of our clients and provide each piece the attention it deserves. This is our passion, and our work and sustained partnerships reflect that.

Built in Cleveland. The roots of Rustbelt were established over 40 years ago as the Interior Products Company, a commercial furniture and cabinetry manufacturer on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. Rustbelt Reclamation took shape in 2011, drawing from decades of expertise, with the idea to develop superior products from locally sourced, salvaged materials. Today, we’re an industry leader in design and manufacturing, and serve clients from Maine to Hawaii.