Rustbelt Foundry Collection

The patterns created in T&B years of operation, spanning three centuries, were stored in several different buildings; Including a dilapidated six story office building and an old bus depot. The patterns needed to be removed before the buildings could be torn down. For us, allowing these patterns to go to the landfill was not an option. We were determined to give them a second life. And so we began the enormous task of removing the patterns.

Room after room, floor after floor was full of these awesome handcrafted forms.

We removed the patterns from the upper levels, through an old freight elevator and staged them in a refrigeration garage that was used to test how automobiles would react to colder climates.

This process worked really well - until the elevator broke. Forced to improvise, we rented a 55’ shooting boom fork lift, cut a hole into the side of the building and began using the lift to bring the patterns to ground level on pallets.