The extensive in-house resources and industry leading practices available at Rustbelt Reclamation yield award-winning products. Our team includes architects, interior designers, artists, industrial designers, LEED™ accredited professionals and tenured craftsmen. We are fluent in a variety of design software including AutoCAD, InDesign, Key shot and Rhino. Our production suite includes laser-etching, CNC, edge-banding, metal fabrication, plasma cutting and custom finishing. We are members of AIA, ASID, AWI, USGBC, as well as, FSC® certified.

The Rustbelt Reclamation team of accredited designers and architects collaborate with clients to shape their vision and optimize the performance of each design. Our shop team offers capabilities unique to this business; we incorporate decades of hardwood and laminate cabinetry experience into industry-leading practices of working with reclaimed material. The results are remarkable products that display the beauty of salvaged wood and American craftsmanship.