What is the Rustbelt?

Rustbelt is an informal term for a region of the Northeastern and Midwestern U.S. once the center of American Manufacturing. This region was commonly referred to as the "Steel Belt". Because of many factors, including the US steel industries' decline, the movement of manufacturing to States with lower labor costs, the rise of automation and globalization, the economy of the region experienced a massive decline. The moniker "Rust Belt" emerged to describe this past Industrial Powerhouse, which is now characterized by declining industry, aging factories, and a falling population. 

What Cities are considered to be "Rustbelt Cities"?


What woods and finishes does Rustbelt Reclamation offer?

To see the woods and finishes we offer you can click this link or download this PDF. Our inventory of wood fluctuates and we often come across new species that, because of limited supply or recent acquisition, may not be feature. We also employ expert finishers who can match just about any finish. If you have any questions please contact a representative here.