Please review and follow the guidelines below to maintain your furniture. Wood furniture is susceptible to cracking, warping or drying out if the proper steps aren’t taken. Rustbelt Reclamation is not responsible for the repair or replacement of furniture that has not been properly cared for.


Rustbelt Reclamation products are made from high quality materials that are sensitive to changing environments – humidity levels have a significant effect on wood. As wood is exposed to dry air, moisture is wicked away, causing the material to shrink. Conversely, heavily humid climates/spaces will expand material. This shrinking and expanding cycle will cause wood to move, crack, split, and/or warp. Follow the guidelines below to prevent this from happening.

  • Keep wood furniture away from and/or shielded from direct sunlight.

  • Wood furniture should be kept an appropriate distance away from heat sources (i.e. furnace registers, radiators, fireplaces, space heaters, etc.).

  • Manually control relative humidity and avoid frequent and sudden changes in humidity. Ideal relative humidity percentages are 35%-55%. Achieve this factor by using a humidifier during drier seasons and using a dehumidifier or air conditioner during more humid seasons.

  • Wood does best in moderate temperatures of around 70 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit.


Unless otherwise noted, our pieces are finished with a highly-durable, protective polyurethane finish. As with any applied product, it will wear over time when subjected to heavy use. The following are some tips to keep your piece’s finish appearing clean and new:

  • Encourage/ensure non-scratching coasters are used under any drinkware.

  • Any objects that may get very hot or cold should have padding placed underneath.

  • Avoid placing objects with many sharp edges or rough textures directly on finish.


  • Gently clean using a soft cloth dampened with a mild soap and water solution. Wipe dry with a soft cloth. Any other cleaning product should be tested in an inconspicuous area before regular use.

  • Avoid exposure to harsh cleansers that contain bleach, degreasers, ammonia or abrasives. Using nail polish remover, alcohol, and/or other solvents near or on piece is not recommended.

  • Dust with a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid scratching.

  • Periodic application and buffing with a furniture grade paste wax will help preserve and lengthen the life of the finish.