Our Live Edge surfaces incorporate the natural edge of the tree into the design. Portraying the wood in its most raw, indigenous state. Generally the surface is made from a complete "slab" which is a vertical cross-section of the tree, with two live edges on the long sides of the surface. Our Team can source most live edge species from windfall trees that have fallen due to storm conditions, or ones that have been removed in urban areas in order for the city to make way for utilities and land use.

Our designers and craftsmen have years of experience working with live edge slabs of all different sizes, shapes, and species. Whether it be a live edge walnut sink for a residential bathroom, or an 18 ft. long red oak communal table, our team of live edge specialists will be working with you from start to finish. Contact our Team today, and join us in celebrating the defined character of this beautiful reclaimed material by adding a new chapter to its story-telling life.

*Pricing for Live Edge material varies greatly depending on its species, size, character, and overall figure*