Every product we make is marked with the location from which its wood was harvested. We laser etch the location directly onto our smaller products. With our larger products (tables, stools, mirrors…) we inlay a source “coin” - A 1.5” diameter maple disk that features the source locations address. Learn more about your piece’s story by visiting our Salvages page where we provide additional information on each structure and the material that was spared from the landfill and given a new life.


Rustbelt Reclamation designs, crafts, and markets exceptional quality furniture and installations utilizing reclaimed wood sourced and upcycled in the United States for a global market.

We are the industry leader in the scalable production and marketing of exceptional quality furniture and installations made from reclaimed wood. Our products and our practices benefit our local and global community through functionality, sustainability and the preservation of our nation’s history.

Craftsmanship, design, innovation, service, sustainability and community